iBlinds Indigogo Campaign

Hey fellow community members, I know I’ve been a bit quiet as of late but that’s mostly because WebCore has solved all of the worlds problems and I’ve been a bit busy with my special needs 1 year old since he was born. I wanted to take a moment to toot the horn for a product that fulfills one of my biggest desires in a smart home in a way that I’m really impressed with. I hate to sound spammy but I really love this project.

I’ve been toiling away with creating my own low budget blind tilters that work with ST for years but always fell flat when it came to hardware. @eric1500 reached out to me after seeing some of my posts and notified me he wanted me to send me a tester unit from his iBlinds startup. I was more than happy to help him test his project and was then blown away by how great the product works. It tilts the blinds in a really smart way and it has an appropriately sized battery, a solar panel that keeps mine charged pretty much all the time and a smartly placed usb charging port for when your stupid Christmas wreath blocks the solar panel, oops.

Now to prove I’m not sponsored by this product I will say I ran into a hardware issue but Eric has been all over fixing the issue, so if his team’s support is anything like what he demonstrated to me I’m sure any initial bumps will be overcome. Thanks to anyone who read this, please go and check out the Indiegogo campaign and try to help them succeed, again I was really impressed and it fits my needs. Prost!

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Very nice. Is there any talk of raising or lowering the blinds? Also, is the tilt on/off or can you do percentage open 0% - 100%?

Others have been discussing iBlinds in another thread…

There is analog control. Works quite nicely.

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I’ve been following this too, and I’m very close to pulling the trigger. I have cords that do the tilting, which I know have to be removed - but what happens if I don’t remove it and I try to still tilt them manually? Does the motor unit keep it from tilting, or could you strip the gears if you manually tilted them?

Personally I don’t need the cords, but the WAF for this device won’t go over well if I took the manual tilt away, even if I used our existing minimotes to remote tilt them.

just a reminder --> Estimated delivery October 2018

And this is the re-launch. They were supposed to deliver last year too. First post on this product was from sometimes around April of last year. Remember, this is still Indigogo. You’re backing a project not buying a product.

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I would say that would hurt the motor but I’d ask @eric1500 for definitive answer. WAF is up to your ability to automate it all. Mine are automated to open when my wife hits good morning or one of us comes home and it’s light out. They close at sunset or if we leave. Alexa and Siri (homebridge) handle the manual control.

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If they copy the mysmartblinds approach, you would replace that pulley mechanism with the two strings with a pull switch that you tie a single string to. You pull the string and hold to start the motor and release to stop. A quick tug sends the blinds to one of 5 positions: fully closed angled up, partially open angled up, flat open, partially closed angled down, and fully closed angled down. The wife is not a fan. But she also isn’t the one who no longer has to run around the house opening or closing all the blinds each day thanks to the automation. I’m also not a fan of the manual method, but I would never admit it to her. I have tried to show her how the phone app can control multiple blinds at once to save time…she’s still not impressed.

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It doesn’t have that functionality. I can say that much.