Fan/Light switch

Hello everyone,

I have several GE/Jasco light/dimmer switches, they seem to work well for me.

What I am looking for is a Fan/Light switch that is similar in style and reliability. I have 2 fans that need to have the switches replaced as I hate the current design.

Thanks in advance

Are you looking for an on/off switch or a fan switch that does multiple speeds?

What you can do is head to the compatible device list here:

And click on the column for Type to sort alphabetically by type. Check out the switches and also dimmers to see what looks best to you.

Thanks Brian for the link, I will be sure to bookmark it

What I was hoping to find but didn’t see is a multi speed fan switch along with a dimmer control for the light all in 1 unit.

The current switches I have, have very small buttons for the light on/off and the fan settings looks like the dial on an ipod touch, all built into a single decorator style switch, way too much and way too small on the buttons

Thanks, Rick

I think there is only 1 multi-speed fan switch listed which is from Leviton.

I don’t think you can get one with everything in a single gang-profile that is smart.

Thanks Brian,

So what is the suggested method of controlling both the fan and light in the fan?

I have 2 other fans that have just an on/off switch and a remote to control the fan speed/reverse/light. Is that a better option for me providing I can get a smart remote to control the fan/light?


Is it 1 set of wires from the fan or did they run 2 (1 for the fan and 1 for the light)?
If it’s only 1, I’m not sure what can be done. If it’s 2 sets, you could always upgrade to a 2-gang box and put in separate controls for each.

I think some other people (likely against code, but I’m not an electrician so I can’t say for sure) have wired up the light to always be powered and then use a smart bulb so it can be turned “off” without ever losing power.

There are several possible solutions to this problem, all with caveats.

I have 2 ceiling fans in my master bedroom that had separate wires for the fan and the lights coming into the switch box. This is the way i handled my situation:

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