Fan and Light control

(Joe Brady) #1

I am trying to come up with a way to make my ceiling fan smart. In a different room it was easy. I had a fan with a dimmer switch and a fan control. I changed out the switches with the GE dimmer and GE Fan controller. It works great. I would like to do something similar in my bedroom. The fan is setup a little different in there. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Single toggle switch on the wall turns fan and light power on or off
Allen and Roth fan/light combo without pull chains
the fan and the light on both controlled by a remote similar to this one

Any ideas?


Did you see this?

(Joe Brady) #3

I saw that, but it didn’t know if that would work since my fan doesn’t have pull chains.

(Dale C) #4

Works great with the older pull chains. Zoom in on my pictures and you will see that is exactly what I have there hanging at the bottom of the fan.