Controlling fan that has a pull for speeds and on off lights


We have three fans that are of the type with a pull toggle for the three speeds and lights on or off.

They are master controlled by wall switches. Am I correct
In assuming I should only use an in wall on off switch to control them rather than a fan specific switch?

If that’s the case would I be better off in the long run replacing the fans with ones that can be controlled with a specific fan switch?

May seem like dumb questions but being an Englishman living in the USA I don’t have much experience with ceiling fans!


Is there a switch for the light and a switch for the fan? If so all you would need is a ge smart fan controll z wave switch for the fan and a z wave light switch with or with out dimmer for light. You could also instead of light switch for lights use smart bulbs if its still seperate, but you would just have to leave the switch on for the lights all the time.

I have mine with the smart bulbs (light switch on Wall always on) and a ge smart fan control switch for controlling fan.

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Nope one wall switch am afraid the other controls are on the fan.

Check the gang box at the switch, see if there are multiple load wires coming down. That’s fairly common in homes under 20 years old. If so you could put a GE Fan Controller in for the fan speed and any other type of switch for the lights.

On/Off switch only. Or wait for the zigbee unit Hampton Bay is about to release that has independent control via a module that goes in the ceiling.

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On the hampton bay wink canopy module last info I saw from a wink community manager on reddit stated it was going to be no earlier then July and maybe later.

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My situation is exactly like yours. GE makes a model 12727 z-wave wall switch that is off/on only. This is what I used for my fans. I didn’t really need speed control as my fans are always on medium speed setting.

Make sure you have a neutral wire available in the box. That is required for this switch.

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