Getting ready to purchase GE light switches. Question about wiring

Hey everyone. Plan on going to the store today and getting a few GE switches and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have any issues with the wiring. The box in question holds two switches. One for the fans lights and one for the fan. This is the only switch for these. There isn’t another set of switches in the house the goes to the fan.

The first picture in posting is for the fan control. The second set of pics is for the lights. Will I be able to hook this up?

You need neutral in the box. I can’t tell if there is one or not. If you have power/line coming in to the box then you should be fine. If the power is at the fixture then you can’t use the smart switches.

I recommend a GE Fan Control instead of a switch for the actual fan control. That way you can control the fan speed from the wall - just set the fan via chain on max and leave it.

How do I tell? The fan has a total of two wires connected to the switch. The light has a total of three wires connected to its switch. Ive posted the pictures above.

Looks like I am incorrect on the light switch. It actually has two switches controlling them. If I am understanding correctly I will need this switch for the light?

Its confusing me a bit because the lowes description calls it a single pole 3 way. I thought single pole and 3 way were different?

That makes more sense now because I see three wires on the light switch - one is a traveler to the other switch for the light.

You need that switch for the main location then a GE add on switch for the second light switch location ( You cannot mix smart switches and dumb switches in a 3-way set-up.

Is there a bundle of white wires in the box nutted together (they will not be connected to the current switches)? That’s your neutral and needed for the GE smart switches (and add-on).

Yes in the main gang box there is a big wad of wires in the back nutted together.

As far As I know. All GE smart switches are single pole. It just means the switch is able to control one load. It’s the reason why you need an add-on switch and have to reconfigure your wiring in a 3 ways circuit for it to work.

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Furthermore, you use the same master switch whether you have a 2-way (single switch) set-up or 3-way, 4-way, etc. The GE Masters can work with up to 4 add-on switches (ie, a 6-way set up).

Keep in mind that you will need a neutral at BOTH locations for the 3-way setup. The master and add-on switches both require a neutral wire.

I went ahead and bought one too control the fan and a set of lights that only has one control. I’ll get comfortable with the easier set up before I try the double switches. Thanks for all the help.

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Hey guys. When hooking up the smart dimmer to control the fan does it require a neutral as well or is that just for lights?

I’m including a picture of what I have in the gang box. There is a lot going on in there.


@Jason_Brown that’s not what I bought. I went with the smart dimmer as they didn’t have the fan switch in the style I needed.

Currently the fan switch has two black wires going to it. How would I find the neutral wire?

They should be the bundle of white wires with a wire nut.

So you see them in the picture I posted?

The one on the left, I believe the wires have a lot of paint on them.

@Jason_Brown I have three bundles. One is black the other is gray or white can’t tell, and then the copper in the back

Copper is ground, black should be hot and white neutral.

You can’t use a dimmer on a fan. You need to use a switch and control speed at the fan or use a Smart Fan Control device.

Others answered the question about neutral. To cut down on crowding, add one pigtail to the neutral bundle and run to the smart light switch and then run another pigtail between the smart light switch and whatever you decide to use for the fan control.

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@Jason_Brown so are the wires in the nut just extra? Just take one out to use it?

Also, how do you know which black wire goes to which part of the switch, or does it not matter if the two black wires are backwards?