Fan with Light Control

New to SmartThings and just started to “smartify” my home. I have been searching all over the place for a switch that has both a multi-speed fan control as well as the light within the fan itself.

Here is the switch that I have in my bedroom right now:

So my fan does not have a “pull chain” that would allow me to turn it on and off at the fan.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Is there a Z-Wave switch that I could replace that luton fan/light switch with?

Also, sorry if this has been answered already but I honestly can’t find a solution (only solutions that involve a fan with a pull chain).

As long as your fan motor is not dc and I’ve seen those switches in person so I’m pretty sure it’s not. You can replace that switch with 2 switches. One for light control and one for fan control. GE does make a z-wave fan switch.

Light Z-wave
or zigbee

Fan - Z-Wave

Bummer… I was really hoping that there was a single switch that could control both…