Linking Alexa with Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator?

Brand new user here and after searching the forums for a while, I never found anything specific that lead me to a solution for linking my Amazon Echo to my new Samsung Smart Hub refrigerator. I don’t want to link it simply so I can ask Alexa what the temperature of the fridge is but rather to integrate with some of the apps that we use on the fridge, mainly the calendar and shopping lists.

Through the fridge, my wife and I both have our separate Google calendars integrated into one (through the Stickiboard calendar I believe) where we can both update ours independently and it will show up on the display. Additionally, we would like to be able to add items to our shopping list by telling Alexa and having it be added to the fridge display.

I have a Smartthings Hub with the app and also have the Samsung Connect app which I believe both serve the same purpose. I have the ST and Connect skill added to Alexa as well as the Samsung Smart Home - Complete skill since it related to appliances. I have tried searching for devices in the Alexa app and the fridge is not found. Any help would be appreciated.

In the SmartThings Mobile app did you goto Marketplace / Things / Samsung Products / Samsung Refrigerator / Connect Now. To see if it finds it there so you can bring it into ST first?

Yes, I forgot to mention that. I have the refrigerator connected to ST as well as Samsung Connect.

Ok perfect, now how is Amazon Alexa setup in ST? Do you have it set to allow all devices to be discovered by Alexa or do you have specific devices selected?

So here may be my first issue. When I was doing all of the setup I could not get ST to actually find Alexa which I didn’t understand. I even clicked to find it manually and when I select Echo, it doesn’t actually give me an option to even attempt to connect. It only suggests “instruction Manual”, “Buy Now”, and “Support Article”. After that, I just assumed that having Alexa connected to ST and not the reverse was the only option.

Edit: Also, in the Connect app, I don’t even see an option to add voice assistants.

When you connected the skill in Alexa for SmartThings it should have automatically backfilled and inserted Amazon Alexa under Automations/SmartApps

Ahh, didn’t even see that. Yes it is there.

So if you don’t allow all devices, select switches and see if your fridge is listed there. Select it and save.

Then go run discovery in Alexa again

It was already set to allow all devices. I deselected that but I could not select “Switches” as it was greyed out. I re-enabled allow all devices and tried to run another discovery via Alexa but it didn’t pick anything up.

What all do you have listed under Things in ST?

I just have my user profile and the refrigerator listed under Things.

I just created my own virtual Samsung Refrigerator and that is not compatible with adding to Alexa so it doesn’t show. Basically all devices with capabilities of switch / light / plug / thermostats / locks. My cameras come in because they have a capability of a switch. As far as Alexa natively discovering that on its own, it sounds like you have done that already and it can’t find it more than likely it can’t find it. I will do a little searching to get confirmation.

The reason your switches is disabled and probably TStats and locks is because it doesn’t see any valid devices to select.

What’s the model #

Samsung Family Hub 2.0. Model Number is RF265BEAESG

Post your question in this thread. There are people here with the Family Hub who can answer those questions. I looked at your manual and I didn’t see anything referencing Alexa or maybe I missed it.

Also let them know that you successfully connected your refrigerator in SmartThings. They could only get it added to Samsung Connect.

So I am brand new to this forum… just purchased a Samsung Smart Hub refrig (RF22M9581SR/AA) and am appalled that Samsung has very little user info on the “hub” portion… soo, my first question is how to link the frig up to my Google calendar so I can see on the frig what appmts I have, etc?

Many thanks for any help

Hmm, I don’t remember running into any trouble with this but I believe I just created a profile on the fridge and then used their calendar app to link my Google calendar. My wife also has a profile on the fridge with her separate calendar linked so we can see everything on each others schedule from the fridge.

I just got a new Samsung refrigerator with Family Hub 2.0. But Samsung says its not compatible? Why is this, if it is a newer model? Anyone know? I have model RF28M9580SR.

I looked in the Samsung list of models, and this one is not listed, but one very close to it is. I was disappointed that my model which uses wifi and the Family Hub, somehow is not compatable…Any help guys?

I just bought this fridge too, haven’t installed it yet though. Disappointing to hear, it is odd that the K works and the M doesn’t. The M is newer than the K.

exactly. Since it has Family Hub 2.0, not sure why it would not be compatible, especially since it has wifi too. I don’t know if someone on here and find out from Samsung, if they PLAN to add the M series to the list.