Failed Migration old to New- iOS 14.2

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I have a ticket with ST CS (Re: 1118932 | Migration)

About a week ago my wife asked me to login in the NEW app as the OLD was no longer working. The old app did not have an option for starting a migration. So I jumped into the the new app and attempted to a migration there, thats where the issue started. The new app did not recognize any of the old hubs/devices or automations. It just asks to add a new hub.

It seems that the migration process has not even started, since the the ST account is still active, the hubs are functioning correctly, without the ability to modify any of the automations in the new app.

The person I was speaking with the first time I had the issue explained that the migration never happened and this may be the cause of the problem. She did not want to delete any of the NEW apps info as it may affect the OLD ST login.

Can someone make sense of this? I would think ST CS can just migrate to a new login, then revise that login for me to use and access the new Samsung acocunt?

Ok, I will start by saying you will need ST support to help on this.

  1. did you have a SmartThings account for the classic app or had you migrated to a Samsung account.

  2. if you did have a Samsung account, check if you might have two locations in which case you simply need to switch to the other location. You can go to menu in tHe new app and see a location near rHe top with a pull-down. Click on it and see if there are two and switch to the other.

  3. most likely you have a sync issue which only ST can fix for you.

  4. last item to check… login tO IDE at and report what url you are redirected to and what country you are in. Doubtful this is the issue but just checking.

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