Migrated to new app and nothing works

Hello! My automation didn’t run last night in the Classic app and I couldn’t turn the lights on manually in the app either. The Classic app had the alert at the top for me to upgrade to the new app - so I did, thinking that was my issue. Lights and automation still don’t work now. Wifi is working and all my devices are showing in the new app. I have 3 outlet plugs and 1 light switch. I unplugged the Hub to try to reset and that didn’t work. I already had a Samsung account; I was never prompted to enter new account info or sign in/out. I uninstalled the old app. Nothing has worked. What should I do? Thanks!

Hey there! @Emily, Thank you for reaching out for assistance and for providing me with the steps you have already tried.

I see that you migrated from the Classic application to the new ST app, did you receive the migration was completed message?

One thing that can cause failure during the migration process is if, inside the Classic application you have a Routine or Custom automation with the same name.

Have you tried renaming the automation in the new application?

If you still experience symptoms, I would highly recommend reaching out to my support team, where you can call in directly and have us take a look to make sure everything migrated properly and assist with getting your automation back up and running.

I hope this message finds you well!