Fail to install webcore in smartthings classic

No worries, thanks for having a quick look for me. I’ll keep checking the webcore thread and leave this one alone.

actually,probably best t o keep posting in this thread since it is an ST issue. Originally I was thinking it was the other issue that you linked to.

I hope it gets resolved for you because it must be frustrating

Yeah especially because I had no issues installing the first time around but since removing and trying again just had trouble. Its so powerful I can’t wait to get going again!

Yup… still having issues.

ST support sent me an email saying their engineers have pushed through an update that will fix problem. I tried but still no luck… I’ve even tired resetting my hub and creating a new location…

What sort of update? To the hub itself that you had to install?

It is server side update. Nothing done to the hub itself.

Has anyone had any luck getting version v0.3.10b.20190514 to install and fix the problem?

I have this version installed but still seeing the same issue. Not sure what to do, as far as I know its a Samsung issue but getting their standard webcore response of not supported.

@Brad_ST whats the latest with AP02?

This should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Yes, the developer added additional pagination to address the timeouts. Please update to the latest code version and try again.

Yup confirmed working now. Thank you all!

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All good here too! Thanks you!!

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I’ve still got issues, but I’m on the NA02. Even after updating to the latest V0.3.10c.20190522 update I still cannot access my dashboard.

Update to @Josh_Slade post above. If anyone has issues loading the webcore dashboard and is using echo speaks… deselect all the echo devices in the webcore available devices section. Then see if your webcore dashboard loads. If it loads, test by installing some echo devices back.

Yes, deleting all echo devices used in Echo Speaks allowed me to get back into the dashboard. I was able to add three echo devices back in, if I added a 4th then I run into issues again. Hopefully this will get resolved in the future, as I use a fair amount of voice announcements in WebCore and being limited to 4 devices makes some of them not as useful. However, I am glad to be able to access the dashboard again.

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