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Fail to install webcore in smartthings classic


No worries, thanks for having a quick look for me. I’ll keep checking the webcore thread and leave this one alone.

(jkp) #44

actually,probably best t o keep posting in this thread since it is an ST issue. Originally I was thinking it was the other issue that you linked to.

I hope it gets resolved for you because it must be frustrating


Yeah especially because I had no issues installing the first time around but since removing and trying again just had trouble. Its so powerful I can’t wait to get going again!


Yup… still having issues.

ST support sent me an email saying their engineers have pushed through an update that will fix problem. I tried but still no luck… I’ve even tired resetting my hub and creating a new location…


What sort of update? To the hub itself that you had to install?


It is server side update. Nothing done to the hub itself.

(Darren) #49

Has anyone had any luck getting version v0.3.10b.20190514 to install and fix the problem?


I have this version installed but still seeing the same issue. Not sure what to do, as far as I know its a Samsung issue but getting their standard webcore response of not supported.


@Brad_ST whats the latest with AP02?

(jkp) #52

This should be fixed now :slight_smile:

(Brad) #53

Yes, the developer added additional pagination to address the timeouts. Please update to the latest code version and try again.


Yup confirmed working now. Thank you all!

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All good here too! Thanks you!!

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