Compatible Sirens

Does anyone have a siren they’ve purchased in the UK that is compatible with SmartThings? The Fortrezz Alarm which Samsung recommends seems to only be available in the U.S. which, I’d imagine, will work on a different frequency.

There are a few Z Wave options on Amazon/eBay including one from Dlink Or Honeywell. Do these work?

There does seem to be a shortage of sirens to fit the uk plugs. I am looking for a siren myself at the moment. I know you can buy a US to UK mains converter plug, but I hate how for it makes things stick out from the wall!

There is further reading on the link below!

Thanks for the article. I’m looking for an internal or external alarm… anything really! I worry that if we buy one from the US the frequencies will be incorrect. Are z wave / Zigbee signals universal?

I have a fortrez siren. works fine

got it from here, although not in stock at the moment. they also have an exterior version



I purchased a D-Link mydlink Home Siren from Staples and it works great.


This one works great, can’t use the siren and strobe independently but other than that I’ve had no problems.

Set up instructions here:


Really do like the look of the D-Link

Sorry to jump in after you have done all the work but

Appreciate any advice or guidance on setting it up and what controls are available through ST.

Many thanks

Hi all,

First post on the smart things forum!. Just got my starter kit today.

Since the D-Link siren is not officially supported in the app can you let me know what you used to integrate?.
Is there an existing smart app that can be used.


Hello Hawkhome, how did you connect it to smart things? I personally think that this siren is very good looking, compared to the others that I have seen on offer! Great find!

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This one has a battery backup option and is also Z-wave controlled!

Very nice looking!

Hello! I didn’t need to use any Smart apps. The hub recognised it instantly but as “Aeon - Siren”. Here is how the functionality looks…


No Smartapp required, the hub recognised it instantly.

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Many thanks for your feedback Hawkhome, I am going to order one tonight. It’s a good looking siren! Thank you for sharing your find!

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Also thanks to Hawkhome, its looking good !

I just ordered thru Staples.

Many thanks

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Has anyone tried out the siren yet? Is it loud enough? Sadly out of stock through Staples now, clearly everyone has been ordering!

I have the everspring and i just purchased the d-link.

Both are as loud as each other! 110dB.

The d-link siren is USB powered, has 6 different sounds, although with the device type i tried, i could only seem to activate 1 sound, and can be powered by a seperately purchased (BL-5C) 1150mah lithium battery.

This siren is super slim and sleek!

I bought from this uk website


It’s available on Amazon UK… and yes, I first discovered this works with Smartthings and is loud.

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D-Link mydlink Home Siren back in stock at Staples for £40.00

Still £48.98 at Amazon.

Both free delivery.

I learned that one the hard way too?!

I recently wrote a device type so you can use all the sounds. I am disappointed with the door chime though.

The details are here