Outside Home Alarm and Smartthings question

I was looking at purchasing Smartthings and like the idea of the home alarm. Does anyone know if there are any devices that you can attach to the outside of your home that would flash or ring similar to a traditional alarm?

I think this would be a great way to put people off but I also love the idea of the whole smart home. Has anyone used it in this way? Whats the thoughts?

Also does anyone know if it can support homekit for development?


You could potentially place a Fortrezz Z-Wave Siren outside, but I dont think it is rated for outdoors. Potentially in covered patio or porch. However, I am not sure if there are any city or state laws that refrain you from placing an sound producing device like that outside, as a false alarm in the middle of the night may be quite disturbing for neighbors. You can potentially use SONOS Connect and wire it to outdoor speakers to play custom messages or play sound on that, which may be more controllable from volume perspective. There are ways to trigger SONOS on alarm.

From what I know ST does not have a Home Kit integration. Not sure if that will be added in the future.

The following is a good place to start researching security and SmartThings (this is a clickable link)

And as @ashutosh1982 mentioned, many US jurisdictions restrict the use of outdoor sirens for individual homes, so check your local township.

They are more common in the UK, and there are some other options there. I know some of the community members were discussing them in the UK section of the forum.

What I really wanted was an outside part like this http://m.screwfix.com/p/yale-premium-wireless-alarm-kit/54473?_bck=1
I am really surprised that nothing like this exists already. This is so common in the UK and I think we can see it as a good deterrent aswell as part of the alarm.

Going into a store to take a look and possibly purchase this weekend!!

Thank you for the update on HomeKit that would be OK and was more a curious thing.

The current SmartThings hub is not HomeKit-enabled.

SmartThings Is open to the possibility of eventually creating a new model in the future that would be HomeKit-compatible, but nothing has been decided for sure. Discussion on that topic here:

Try this thread for the UK siren discussion: