Best wireless Siren?

I’ve been looking for a wireless Siren to integrate into my ST home.

Wondering what the best wireless siren is? I’ve been eyeing The Everyspring SE812, but ST says it’s not compatible.



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pretty sure most people rock these

I have the utilitch which looks just like that everspring. I like it because it doesn’t have to be wired like the fortrezz.

only negative is you can’t strobe without siren and you can’t see the battery info

I’m actually just about done with the Everspring integration. I will say I like both the Everspring and FortrezZ, but what I like about the FortrezZ is its ability to toggle only strobe or only siren. Almost all other sirens can only do both at the same time.

I’ve got Lowe’s (Utilitech) siren, which looks like re-branded Everspring, but cheaper.

I have the Lowes one and it works great.

If it works great for you now, just wait til it’s certified!

What would it do differently then?

Be on a list

But really it will have battery info and be tested to work across the board.

@urman any update to the utilitech siren being certified?

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Any update on this release?

The Aeotec Siren just got released. Looks awesome.

I just saw that as well. Would love to get full support for that one since it has 5 different sounds.

I need “chirp” for when someone opens a door / window / etc.


How about this siren plugged into a SmartPower Outlet:

Anyone try one of these?

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The only issue with those is that If your power is off, you’ll get no alarm.

@geko you have your ST hub on a battery backup?
What’s a good battery backup that you guys recommend? Not to $$

Absolutely. My cable modem, wifi router and ST hub are on a separate UPS. You don’t need a big one since these devices consume relatively little power - around 30 Watts total. I use this one:

600VA should last for 20 hours, theoretically.

Thanks for the UPS info, it is very rare that my power goes out. I will take a look at it.

Any news on this?