Connecting / Pairing Monoprice door/window Sensor

Dear Experts, Can someone point me to a step by step for pairing a Monoprice door/window sensor.

This is what i did,

  1. Put the battery in the Sensor and kept it near the Hub, sensor was blinking red
  2. In the mobile app, selected, door sensor -> Aeon sensor, it kept searching didn’t find anything

I really appreciate the help.

I also see in the forum that there is some code, but confused where to use that monoprice door sensor code?


@indyquad, It should pair up as a standard zwave door/window contact sensor.

Here’s what I recommend. First, try a general exclude from the mobile app for your device. I haven’t used the monoprice ones, so look at documentation on how your device goes through the exclude process. Sometimes even new devices need wiped clean. Next, pair the device by starting the include process first in the app (double check that the green light is blinking on your hub). Next start the include steps for your device. I assume it would just be putting the battery back in.

If it is found, and there’s no device type associated with it - sometime found as a Thing, the IDE (developer site) will be your friend in helping you change it to the right device type, or to create your own.

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You’re not following the inclusion instructions provided with the sensor… there’s a black push switch on the circuit board, push it once for one second to put the sensor into inclusion mode… I did it AFTER setting the app to search for new devices. It came right up


@johnconstantelo @Toasty Thanks for your assistance. It seems like the issue was related to ST apps issue itself, I waited till it was resolved by ST…It all worked like clock work as per your instructions.

Does it need to be 1 meter away like the directions say or can it be found while near the window? I have 10 of these I just got and my hub arrives today!!/I can’t wait. Did you have to change any settings or device types in IDE? I would be curious to hear your opinion after you get to use them for awhile

Almost all ZW devices are recommended to be within 3-5 feet of the hub during paring . You can try pairing them where they are , but don’t be surprised if some don’t register properly. The nice thing about the V2 is the battery backup. With a couple of my wall switches that are nowhere near the hub, I was able to just unplug the hub and bring it room to room while pairing. No 50’ extension cord required. Of course no wifi on hub did mean I had to bring a 20’ Cat6 cable and plug it into network switch in each room.

Crap! I just installed 3 ge zwave switches yesterday. No way am I taking them out ha-ha. I don’t have cat5 I can run either. Will I have better luck with distance on the switches? How will I know if they paired correctly? Any help appreciated and thank you for your response

I paired the devices sitting next to the Hub before I mounted them, it actually helped pairing without mounting, (I am also a novice) since one of the monoprice sensor I have to exclude and pair. It could have been nightmare if i have mounted it.

That would all depend on your network. Like I said it is " recommended " . If you have enough hardwired devices with beam support there is the chance that if you start closest to the hub and work your way out, you might get everything set up. I was not that lucky

So my only option would be either running cat5 or installing the switch near the hub then moving it?

I have never had to put the device next to the hub - I just migrated 30 devices leaving them in place ( including mono price contact sensors) without issue.

With that said - my hub is centrally located

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You don’t have to move the hub around for most devices, especially the GE switches and even many door/window contact sensors. Start with adding devices like switches (non-battery powered devices) closest to the hub and work outwards. That will help build your mesh network and significantly improve your experience with connecting other devices and ST all around. I did 80+ switches that way. I also have 40+ contact sensors that did not have to do at the hub (they were Ecolink, Everspring, and Philio). Heck, even all the Zigbee devices (tons there too) weren’t even close to hub when I added them.

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Thank you! This makes me feel much better. I was so worried I was going to have to. I will start closest and work out. I also have the aeotec gen 5 siren. I hope that serves as a good repeater. I could easily unplug and move that around a bit as I build out my zwave network. I don’t have ZigBee yet.

That’s what I said in not so many words. Start pairing the devices closest to the hub and work your way out building the network . You might get lucky.

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