Aeotec Recessed Open / Close Sensors Won't Pair

I just purchased 3 Aeotec Recessed sensors - they look pretty neat! I went to pair one of them with SmartThings and couldn’t get it to go. I was within inches of the hub - Add Device - couldn’t get it to pair. Then I went and found the specific device in the ‘Add Manually’ section and nothing. Strange.

Opened the next one to see if it was just a bad sensor - couldn’t get that one to pair either. This caused me to reboot the hub (both batteries + forced reboot via the IDE) and couldn’t get it to work either.

Opened the third and final sensor. Couldn’t get that one to pair either.

Tried the device exclusion, factory reset the sensors multiple times. I’m out of ideas! I spent 2 hours tinkering and couldn’t get anywhere with any of them. I’ve paired at least 30 different devices, never once had trouble. I just can’t believe that I can’t get 3 sensors to pair - the devices instructions seem so straightforward. It has to be operator error on my part?

Anything anyone would recommend trying? Sanity check?

These sensors are a royal pain. I recommend buying the cheaper mono price version in the future. However, here is what Aeotec has told me to do in the past and was able to help me get my sensor to pair.

tap the button at an interval of once per second until the pairing process has finished

Also, verify your battery is good. My sensor paired but failed the secure inclusion but it still works as a regular sensor. Hope that works for you.


Thank you for the response @greg!

I emailed Aeotec, to see if they had any pointers/tips/suggestions. Supposedly, according to them, some US vendors have been selling the wrong model types in the US. Here’s how to decipher to model (they’re on the side of the sensor).

ZW089-A = US frequency
ZW089-B = AU frequency
ZW089-C = EU frequency.

Turns out, I have the AU version - which won’t work with the US hub. Sending them back and going Monoprice instead! Based on your comment, it might be a blessing in disguise :slight_smile:


I recently installed 3 of them. I did have to exclude and re-include two of them to get them to work properly (on initial inclusion they complained about a bad key or something and they would not report battery). However, they have been running great since then. It looks like a great deal considering their price.

I am using the stock ST handler with them.

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Same thing happened to me with the wrong sensor. I was sent the AU one. Seems like the vendors would know the target audience and send the correct one. It took me 4 days to get a reply from Aeotec telling me I had the wrong one.

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I was pretty surprised that they got back to me within 24 hours. And yeah, you think that the “product country version” would be a standard thing you’d verify. Very annoying.

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