eWeLink Zigbee Two-Channel Relay

This device works with the Zigbee multi switch DTH.

Has options of:

Momentary operation on either channel, independently.

ON/OFF independently of both channels.

Interlock mode, polarity reversing operation. (can also be configured for 3 wire high/low fan speed etc…)

RF433 Remote (FOB) connectivity

I actually expected this to be a problem to get working, but pretty breezy.

Works this linear acuator wonderfully.

Show’s as Router Node… No issues so far.

4-channel version also available.

Hubitat discussion:


Nice find! I’ve been looking for something like this because I really didn’t want to use FortrezZ’s zwave MimoLite device.


I’m with ya…

I’ve been dreaming of something like this, easily integrated into solar banks. I think this might be it. Several projects have been waiting on this.

Will have to see what the power consumption is, but it will probably be manageable.

Coming up on vacation, and needed a way to let the cat in occasionally, through a sliding glass door. The acuator will do it. Those Smartthings cams are finally gonna be put to good use too. Have to make sure kitty is clear of the door… ehh. I’ll have to put in a anti-squish limit switch too…

fun stuff


I’ve been looking at this too, but I wish it didn’t require a separate supply for logic power. Some of the zigbee wall warts do this, but require nema plugs in/out instead of screw terminals which is more flexible.

I’m not a fan of the screw terminals on this device, mainly because the metal is so soft.

I think as long as you are powering your end devices with 7-32v, you can use the same power for the device as for the relays as long as you make jumpers to relay side. That’s probably obvious, but I was a little nervous about doing that with the 12v acuator, not knowing what to expect with the current reversing on the relay side.

I would have like to have seen terminals for external momentary switches, but I suppose having the ability to use RF remotes is a good consolation.

There are a few variants of this style of multi relay, so maybe more options are in the works.