Zigbee micro controller/switch?

Does anyone have a link to a zigbee Micro switch. Seen a bunch of ZWAVE micro switches from Aeon Labs and Monoprice…


If you are in the US, There are some in wall zigbee relays on the official “works with SmartThings list.” I know SmartenIT has some.

If you’re in the UK, The only one I know of is the Orvibo relay, which is not officially supported but there are some community members using it:

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@JDRoberts thanks… guess i was not searching the right terms

Looks like the SmartenIT will work for my application. Wish everything zigbee was not so expensive…

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There are any Zigbee in wall relay that works with Smartthings?
The second question is, where to buy things online?
I live in Brazil, but delivery only in US is not a problem. Trying to avoid Z-wave devices because the regulated frequency for Z-ware here is not the same.

I really wish to use the physical switches to turn on and off my lights and also have the option to control this remotely.

And i need to extend my mesh network.

I’m thinking of buying a smartplug and turning it into a relay. What would be the cheapest zigbee smartplug you know? Any other suggestions?

Aren’t you 220 V systems in Brazil? That will make a difference.

The most popular zigbee relays for 220 V are probably the Orvibo. You can get them from Gearbest, which imports them from China. See the following discussion thread:

You can ask following questions there as those are the people using them.

Brazil uses 220 V, right? Make sure you specify that when you post is the device selections will be different.

Check specifications carefully, however, as the Orvibo are only intended for control of lighting and can’t handle very high loads.

SmartenIT Devices are somewhat better quality, but also more expensive. They come in several different models, some which handle much higher loads. So they are popular for pumps and electric water heaters and things like that. Their ZHA (zigbee home automation) relays should work with SmartThings, a number of people have them. I’m not sure if you’re interested in anything of that type, but here’s their link:


We have 220V and 110V systems here, depending on the region.
Where i live the default is 110V

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Thanks JD.
I have found this topic before, but can’t find where to buy this model anymore (online with shipment to USA or Brazil).
Smartenit are so expensive that i think could exist an alternative, but seems that is the only Zigbee option availabe.
Trying to figure out how i can “make” my own inexpensive device :smiley:

This is the Orvibo one, but it looks like banggood is sold out right now:

You can still get it from Amazon in the US from some third-party sellers, but at a cost that’s higher than smartenIt. :disappointed_relieved:


Unfortunately, the relay is no longer listed on the official Orvibo site, so it looks like they may be discontinuing it.

A couple of community members have used an EUControls micro, but I don’t think they’ve ever said where they bought it. Here’s the manufacturer page.