Evolve relay switch to open the garage with V2 hub

I just connected my evolve relay and smartthings open/close sensor to my garage and now I can’t figure out how to set it up? the videos on the website show the older app and there is no set up for garge door. I am using apple iOS with a V2 hub. And now I just looked on the smart thing web store and they are no longer selling the evolve relay? whats going on?

I’m in the same boat. Would appreciate some help.

Check the last couple posts in this thread: v2: Garage doors?

You have to put the sensor and relay in a Room and configure the main device as the sensor, not the relay.

I have three screws on my opener, connected the two blue wires to the first two, as the third looks to be the laser safety sensor. In the SmartThings app, I have to use the button to turn the garage door “on and off”. So I basically have to click it to turn it ‘on’, then click the button again to turn it ‘off’ for the garage to go up. Then I have to double hit these buttons again to make it go down. Additionally, our wall button only works when the relay button is in the ‘off’ position. Is this how it is supposed to work or should I look at rewiring the blue cables? Thanks in advance.

I haven’t had this setup for about two years so it’s a little hard to remember. But I had mine setup with a ST sensor that could tell if the door was vertical or horizontal or not. So I could set up rules like. If I come down the road and door is vertical, then operate relay. Or if after 9pm and door is horizontal, operate relay.

That might be the wrong way to do it, but it worked for me. Hope that helps