Doors and Locks

How do I get the doors and locks smartapp? I am trying to setup a new garage door with the multi-sensor and Evolve LFM-20.

Under “Things” in phone app:

There is currently no built-in garage door functionality for a setup with a separate relay and sensor. Support has said that they are currently evaluating how to address this going forward.

There was support under v1 of the hub thought, right? My coworker has V1 and he has a unified button on the app that displays whether or not the door is closed and can open/close the door.

It was in v1 of the app. Hub version is unrelated.

It’s actually been removed from v1 of the app as well. There’s no going back! 1.7.6 still works for adding devices, but any older version will crash upon loading of the add-device screen.

At least in my experience.

Oh how I miss my garage door opening/closing while I stroll to/away from home. I was spoiled.

I wrote this to get back the automatic open functionality. It auto-closes if you open a contact sensor within X minutes of the door auto-opening (think getting out of the car and opening the door from the garage into the house). I didn’t implement auto-close on departure since I have a toddler and don’t want doors auto-closing unless we know where he is.

Usual disclaimers apply. It’s been working well for me, but use it at your own risk. This code may not work, will probably kick your dog, and just might light your house on fire if you look at it sideways.


I noticed that you only turn ON the relay and not OFF.

I have an LFM20 and it doesn’t act as a momentary switch, just on/off. What device driver do you use in order to get it to automatically turn off again?

Looked at your code sideways… All that happened was my cat fell asleep*.

*Correlation probably not causation

I have mine set up as “Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch”. They turn on and then right back off.

Ah, perfect. Thanks!