Configuring Garage Doors with V2 Hub

I upgraded to a V2 Hub last night and have no idea how to configure my Garage Doors. I am using a Linear FS20Z-1 relay for the switch and SmartSense Multi for the open sensor. Has anyone else been able to get this working?


Thanks for the reply Eric so just to be clear as far as you are aware of. The garage door automation that is discussed in the below article is not offered for the V2 Hub? I ask because with the exception of one of btk replies most of what the article you referenced appear to be focused on device pairing problems and that is not my issue.

I am not the authoritative word on garage doors but my cursory understanding is that the garage door integration using wireless relays like Linear FS20Z, is degraded from the previous capabilities. The exact details are unclear to me. Right now I only monitor my garage door in ST.

The better-integrated alternative now may be the purpose-built garage door openers like Linear GD00Z-4 and TELGUARD GDC. I got a GD00Z-4 but haven’t installed it so my info is all read-say.

Searching will find a recent reply by don’t-know about a workaround for garage door operation. My quick read a couple days ago seemed to be 1. make a room, 2. add the relay to drive the opener, 3. add door status contact be the “hero” device for the room status.

You will get better information from a personal search.

Did you login to your account and change the device type of the sensor to SmartSense Garage Door Multi?

It is not as nice as the dashboard room button from the old app but I did get it working. Here is how I did it.

  1. Logged into IDE
  2. Clicked on My Devices
  3. Clicked on the SmartSense Multi Sensor for the Garage Door
  4. Clicked on Edit
  5. Selected SmartSense Garage Door Multi from the Type * drop down
  6. Clicked on Update
  7. Clicked on My Devices
  8. Clicked on the Linear FS20Z-1 Z-Wave relay I am using to control the Garage Door
  9. Clicked on Edit
  10. Selected Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch from the Type * drop down
  11. Clicked on Update
  12. Opened the Smartthings App on my iPhone
  13. Opened Rooms
  14. Tapped on Add a Room
  15. Named the Room Garage Door
  16. Added the Garage Door Sensor and Relay to Add Devices to your Room
  17. Tapped on Done
  18. Tapped on Done
  19. Tapped on Edit Room from the Three Dot drop down
  20. Tapped on Add Device
  21. Selected the Garage Door Sensor
  22. Tapped on Done
  23. Tapped on Done
  24. Tested by tapping on the Garage Door Relay
  25. Repeated the process for my second Garage Door

James, Great steps!
For the Original Poster:
I now think the best solution is dedicated device.
I had multiple devices, but gladly switched to one.
I am quite happy with the NuTone device.
See this forum post.
Works better and is much safer.
There is a warning light / sound whenever activated!
Works right out of the box with SmartThings.

Great workaround till they fix the garage door app!

Agree, great workaround instructions!

The delay and noise of UL-listed Zwave garage devices, seems cool from the description, but I bet after waiting for it a couple dozen times that it will seem tedious.

Pretty safe sequence for remote operation tho. Anybody standing around would have to be deaf and blind to be bonked by the door. Right now a slightly better deal at $88 is GoControl GD00Z-4 on Amazon. Just a few days ago it was $77. Pretty sure it’s the same as the Linear and NuTone.

Getting hurt by an automatic garage door made in the last 20 years, is that even possible? Haven’t they all got overload sensors, if the current goes too high then it stops and reverses. I guess it could be badly configured, but mine reverses with less than 10 pounds of resistance.

Seems redundant redundant

Any update on a proper Garage Door app for v2 Hub? I just finished switching, and feel the pain!


I wrote a smartapp to allow a virtual garage door device to control the physical devices… should work basically the same as it used to in version 1 hub.and works the same as the physical integrated device like the openers mentioned above (I have both and gd00z-4 and a roll your own using releay and switch). see my post here