Garage door and zfm80

(Evan) #1

Just got my smartthings and my first project is going to be my garage door. It’s an old opener so I could go with the GD00Z-4 but I opted for the DIY approach as seen in this blog

I realize that blog is from a while ago but I thought it would still be relevant and as a tinkerer I liked the idea of putting something together myself.

I was able to set the relay to momentary so it triggers the door correctly but I can’t get the full garage door integration as spoken of in that blog. All I see in my smartthings app is to add the gocontrol garage opener.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I consider myself clever and a good researcher but this one has me stumped.


(Steve Jackson) #2

Not sure if this will help but this thread gave me the ability to have an app that shows my doors opening and closing and a button to push to open/close.

I am using a relay (set to momentary) and a tilt sensor on my garage doors.

Hope this helps you…Steve

(Evan) #3

Thank you Steve!!! I knew it had to be possible! Up and running now. It’s a shame they took away the ability to build the setup right within the app. Commercialization I suppose. Is vera maybe the way to go? More open? I’m still within my return window…

(Steve Jackson) #4

Your welcome.

It’s my understanding that the way we have our garage doors setup does not meet safety regulations. Unattended door movement it’s supposed to have a light and then an audible alarm before moving. Probably removed for liability reasons. I have considered putting my unused siren in the garage and use that as both a visual and audible alarm.

I don’t use the ability often. I really only have it in case I leave a garage door open when I leave. I still press the button on my clicker when I get home. Currently working on voice activated opening but it’s not quite the way I want it.

I like the way ST operates but it’s the only one I have used so I can’t comment on moving to another platform. Maybe check out their forums and see what’s happening over there?

(Evan) #5

Yeah, I’m sure it’s a liability thing. I, like you, only really intend to use it in “emergencies” if I forget the door or if I need to let someone in when I’m not home(roommate locked themselves out once already). ST seems to have the biggest community and best connectivity options so I think I’ll probably stay with it.

Thanks again!