Evolve LRM-AS not reporting state when manually turned on/off

I was hoping someone could help me with this. I have an LRM-AS dimmer switch connected and from the App everything works perfectly - on/off/dimming, etc.

When I turn the switch on by hand, the App continues to report it as “Off”. If I go in to the “Thing” preferences and hit “Refresh” then the app corrects itself. I can also have the App turn the switch “On” and it catches up to the switch and will work normally. It seems like when I manually control the switch its not reporting a state change to the Smartthings controller/cloud. Has anyone seen this behavior? Any thoughts on what might fix this?

Just FYI - the device dashboard on the web shows the wrong state as well.

Thanks for any help.

I’m having the same issue with all of my Evolve switchs (Both LRM-AS dimmers and LSM-15 switches).

What ST device type are these using?

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Its using “Dimmer Switch”. What type should it be using?

LRM-AS: Dimmer Switch
LSM-15: Z-Wave Switch

Hmmm, well this is the same device I was using for all my aeon micros before I wrote one specific to them.
I don’t have any Evolve devices so I can’t help on this one, sorry.

Here is the response I got from Support:

Chris Suk (SmartThings)
Feb 17, 12:46 PM

Hi Joel,

Thanks for reaching out!

What you’re seeing is actually expected behavior. Not all devices automatically send status updates to us when their states are changed at the physical switch. The status won’t update for a couple of minutes until the Hub sends a poll request to the device.

Check out a community SmartApp called “Pollster”. It can decrease the polling interval for your device. You can find it by doing a search at community.smartthings.com

Sorry for the inconvenience.

SmartThings Support

@brooksbalogh - the “Pollester” app support suggested solved all the issues i was having. I also had some Kwikset locks with bad reporting and this also solved that (just have to be careful because polling can drain batteries).

Just wanted to wrap this up. Thanks!

Thanks Joel. I already had this app running to poll the status of my Nest and MyQ Garage door. Added all my switches and dimmers and that did the trick.