Evolve LRM-AS - Cannot get it to talk to ST



I just received my hub over the weekend and have a few devices integrated. I started to work on a dimmer I installed a few months ago, the Evolve LRM-AS. There is very little documentation and when I try to connect the device, ST does not see it. From what I gather, there is a way to associate the device physically at the switch (tapping switch?) but there is little documentation and I have seen bits and pieces on this forum and others. Does anyone have this experience from scratch? Dimmer is installed, I just need it to broadcast so I can integrate into ST. Thanks!

(Chrisb) #2

I have a few Evolves and they proved to be tricky for me to setup as well. The first thing I guess I’d do it make sure that the device is unpaired… Especially if this is a previously used switch it may still think it’s paired with a previous hub/controller.

If we’re sure it’s not previously paired, I had the most luck doing a double tap a couple of different times on the switch after putting my hub in pairing mode:

Pairing mode on:
Tap-tap the top of the switch.
Tap-tap the bottom of the switch.

Try doing that a few times, see if it helps. One interesting thing: I JUST yesterday put an Evolve in my parents house and paired it to their hub. The device paired without showing up as paired. That is… I went into pairing mode, tapped a bunch of time. Nothing showed up on the phone has connecting. I then exited pairing mode. Looked at the “things” and view and… oh look, here’s the Evolve Dimmer switch! Go figure…

On a side note, I’ve also had problems getting an Evolve to pair with a Z-wave secondary controller (Intermatic), so I tend to lean towards this being an Evolve issue rather than a ST issue, but that’s just a guess.


Thanks! The dimmer has never been paired. I will try tonight and let you know!


I did what you said and it worked! All paired up now. I do notice that it lags a bit as far as feedback but it appears that is a known issue (or feature). Works well!