Curious behaviors when adding an Evolve switch to the zwave network

I am curious to the following behavior. All of my current Evolve switches are Evolve, LTM-5, LSM-15, and LRA-15, (main, dimmer, and accessory switches). Sorry if I got the model numbers wrong :wink: As I am starting to exclude and adding them into the SmartThing hub, I now know what to look for in term of the procedure and what device / settings should look like once it is added. However, I notices couple of times (2 to 3 out of 10) already, when I first add the Evolve switch into SmartThing, it come up as a generic dumb switch (on or off), which is not correct. As it should also include timer , schedule power on and schedule power off . So what I do when I ran across this was to exclude the switch again, re-add, and the second time everything come up. Given I am doing this on the same switch, same process, anyone has any idea why z-wave inclusion would do that some of the time? Is it a timeout issue? radio interference? just guessing here

Could be a mobile app UI or caching issue.