Evolve lrm-as dimmer switch z-wave issue

(Korban Hadley) #1

This is my 3rd Evolve switch and this one does not seem to want connect to Smartthings hub. The other 2 were able to connect without issues. I have tried cutting power to the device and when i powering back on with a quick double tap with no success.

Any suggestions.

(Bruce) #2

Try excluding it from the hub, as if it were installed. Then try again to include.

(Korban Hadley) #3

Thanks. I ran the second set of steps here https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/200878314-How-do-I-exclude-a-Z-Wave-device-using-SmartThings- and it worked great.


I think I may need some help. I keep searching but I cannot find the process to include or associate the dimmer with ST. I installed the dimmer a month ago and only received my hub this weekend so I am new to this. It appears that there is something I need to do at the dimmer to connect it to ST…ST will not see the device. Help!