Dimmer switch refresh on manual operation

(Geo Philips) #1

Hello everyone,

This is my first thread and I would like to thank the regular contributors on the forum first off for their efforts in helping ‘newbies’ like me get a handle on Smartthings better.

I have a Smartthings hub and a whole bunch of Evolve LRM-AS dimmers (about 13) connected to it. This is related to the ongoing issue with manual operation of these switches and the inconsistent status update in the ST app. But mine seems to act a little differently.

a) If I manually turn on or off a dimmer switch, during the day (lets say between 6:30 AM to about 10 PM), it never updates status in the ST app. I have to go into Things and hit refresh: then it updates immediately.

b) However, at other times (after 10 PM), I manually press the dimmer, and the status is refreshed in the ST app in about 8 to 15 seconds!

Now it is possible the timing periods are a red herring, however, it seems to consistently perform better in the evening.

I am guessing this is some sort of a traffic issue (I am not using Pollster) but I cannot figure out the best way to test what exactly the issue is. It could be one of three issues I imagine:

a) Traffic between the switches and the hub.
b) Traffic between the hub and the cloud - My internet is pretty reliable and there is no apparent slowdown during the day versus the evening.
c) Traffic between the cloud and the apps.

If someone could point me in the best way to debug this, that would be very helpful!