v2 Hub, Linear WD500Z-1 not connecting

I got my v2 hub today and tried to connect my Linear WD500Z-1 dimmer switch without success. I’ve had it connected to other hubs, its the easiest thing in the world just set the controller to search\pair\whatever then double tap the up\on on the switch, with the smart things v2 hub I get nothing, tried using the Evolve LRM-AS Dimmin Wall Switch mode as I read others had that work, but I believe they were using SmartThings Hub v1.

Anyone have experience with this device on a v2 Hub, similar problem? no? just me? any input is appreciated.

Have you successfully excluded it? https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/200878314-How-do-I-exclude-a-Z-Wave-device-using-SmartThings-

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That was my problem, Thank you!!