Evolv LFM-20 install question

I managed to get the evolv lfm-20 installed on my garage door, the question I had was when you power up the device like plugin to the power the garage opens or closes. What would happen if the power goes off and come back again that would leave the garage open. Is there a way to change something on the device it self?
Does a mimolite show same behavior?

One more thing noticed was that the button for the garage door no longer worked, but when i remove the evovl it starts working again.

@effusion01 what device type do you have the LFM-20 set to? Also, how did you wire this to your garage. You’ll need to be more specific as to how you actually have things set up.

I changed the device type to virtual switch, that should solve the problem regarding the button have not tested it yet.

Wired both the blue wires to the screws on the opener where the wires from the button are attached. The Black Green and white got wired to the plug.
My main question being does unplugging the evolve and plugging it back (or un-powering or powering it back) triggers the garage door or if there is a setup in the device itself not to trigger it, as every time tested powering it on the garage opened or closed depending how it was earlier.
Worry being if the power goes off an comes later the garage would be left open.

@effusion01 Try changing the device type to Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact.

Cycling power should not cause your garage door to open or close

That did the trick, both the button and the app work and now it does not power by itself. Thanks.
Any benefit to using evolv vs mimolite?