Garage Door opened on its own

While I was still in bed (6:15 AM EST) I start getting notifications on my phone that the garage door has been left open. When I got up 30 minutes later, sure enough the door was wide open. Pressing on the garage door opener wall switch did nothing. It appeared as if there was no power at all to the opener.

I went inside and got my phone, fires up ST app and checked the state of my z-wave garage opener device (Evolve LFM-20). The app indicated it was in the “On” position. The “Recent” log indicated this switch was turned on at 6:15 AM. Likewise, the garage open/close sensor “Recent” log indicated the door opened at 6:15AM.

No one turned on this z-wave switch. Furthermore, this switch should never remain in the “On” position. When pressed it normally switches on for a few seconds while it starts up the garage opener. It then turns off immediately. If it stays on, as it did in this case, the door can no longer be operated with the wall switch.

Anyone ever had issues with the Evolve LFM-20 causing the door to open on its own. More importantly, is it possible to disable a switch such as this one via a smart app. I would like to disable the switch at night or when we are away.

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This is serious, get SmartThings support check for you.

Yes - this has happened to me and a few other community members. Logs and support both told me someone physically pushed the button on the LFM-20 which is in a closed electrical box mounted to the ceiling of the garage. Obviously nobody touched it. I ended up plugging the LFM-20 into a smart switch (had one lying around) so it is disabled during certain times. I also have a CoRE piston that notifies me anytime the LFM-20 is activated - essentially asking me “hey did you do that?”.

Yes - that seems like a lot of work to babysit the unit. But it works for me. I haven’t had a ghost opening for some time. It has happened maybe 3 times in the 2.5 years I’ve had it.


Thats my plan until something better comes along :slight_smile:

This switch has been known to have ‘ghost press’ issues and is not recommended to be used for a garage door. The linear garage door opener is UL listed and a much more solid solution for garage door automation.

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To clarify: the Linear/go control GD00* model is UL listed as a garage door controller.

The LFM 20 is also UL listed, but only for control of lights.

The two standards are very different. :sunglasses:

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I had this happen to me with the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4. The door was open and I was actually standing in the middle of the garage with a couch I was moving half way out of the garage. The weirdest part is the safety reverse sensors should have stopped it, but didn’t. And a manual interrupt press of the physical button didn’t stop it, so the door just crunched into the couch. Thankfully there was no damage to either door, or couch. It hasn’t done it again either…

[quote=“blebson, post:5, topic:58998, full:true”]
This switch has been known to have ‘ghost press’ issues and is not recommended to be used for a garage door. The linear garage door opener is UL listed and a much more solid solution for garage door automation.
Zfm 80 is a better choice for a garage door opener, and a fireplace for that matter. It offers an internal adjustable auto off feature…

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If the manual button didn’t stop it, that sounds like a defect in the garage door mechanism, not the gocontrol. I’d have it inspected.

As far as it not stopping for the couch, the safety beam is usually quite low, around 12 inches up from the floor, as otherwise the door itself would keep breaking the beam as it came down. For that reason, it’s really easy to have two people carrying something out of the garage and not break the beam.

But if the door actually touched the couch it should have been reversed and gone back up. Again, that part is under the control of the door mechanism, not the Z wave device. So if that didn’t happen, inspection time.

Did the GD00Z-4 start beeping and flashing before the door started to close? If not it was probably the garage door opener itself.

Could be, all I’m trying to point out is that you should stay away from the LFM-20 as there have been multiple reports over the months of it tripping on its own.