Amazon Echo & Evohome

Anyone in the UK have an Amazon Echo that they have working with Honeywell EvoHome?

I’ve just pre-ordered an Echo Dot Gen2, which, once it arrives next month, I will be attempting to get working with Honeywell Evohome. I’ll keep you updated.

I actually have an echo just now, imported it from the USA but it doesn’t work with EvoHome as it only has Honeywell US integration no UK. Not sure if the UK version will integrate, unless honeywell UK integration is being released.

Have you tried integrating via SmartThings? I.e. using the SmartThings own Evohome beta, or my unofficial Evohome connector?

Appears evohome has direct echo support…

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I have the echo working with the evohome. However, I haven’t used the direct link between Echo and Honeywell. When I tried this it did not seem to work correctly, as it appeared to only be looking for a single thermostat, rather than addressing the whole system.

What I did was connect IFTTT to Evohome and create a recipie that upon an Alexa trigger of “the hot water”, it will turn on the hot water for one hour.

I used this as a boost, for when we require unexpected bathtimes for the kids. I can say “Alexa trigger the hot water”.

Its a little cumbersome as it requires the use of IFTTT, and you are therefor stuck with having to use the word “trigger” before your call.

I envisioned having to create a separate recipie for a whole different range of temperatures and room names and using Alexa to call each one individually.

It appears that connect comfort is listed twice in the smarthome list on Amazon Echo, so perhaps I picked the wrong one and hence my issues.

I will give it another go and see if I can get it working as desired. Being able to say “Alexa make the lounge 23 degrees” in the dead of winter does hav its appeal.

Though depending on whether you can call specific macros of quick actions I may still use IFTTT integration.

It would be entirely possible using IFTTT to have multiple recipies set up to act on the same trigger from Echo. i.e. “Alexa, trigger friends for dinner” In which case IFTTT could than have multiple triggers to set various rooms to the required temperature, and until a set time or for a period, rather than setting one at a time via the Echo>Evohome direct contact.

I’ll try again with the evohome integration direct with Echo and see what happens.

I’m keen to avoid this and am hoping that by the time the UK version of the Echo is released it will have native support for the UK version of Honeywell Evohome. If not, I’ll do it via SmartThings and my Evohome connector.

If I hadn’t just locked myself out of my total connect comfort account, Id try it again now and see where I get. I will report back, as Im also keen to see it work directly and remove the need for any ST or IFTTT hops.