Evohome UK released


@Brad_ST Will this ever be released or improved? What is the expected schedule for this support?


Any update? Not willing to invest further in ST given the awful progress made in last 18 months in uk.
Proper, good evohome support might change things. Surely some comms on what is going on?

(Chris Irwin) #23

I have installed the unofficial Evohome smartapp and device handler. It took ages to work out how to get ti done right, as I am new to Smartthings but it seems to work, except no hot water “zone”. It is very disappointing that Smartthings are not supporting such important integrations as Evohome officially. It somewhat crazy that the UK thermostat list is actually empty - there are NO supported thermostats!!? Maybe they just focus on the US as the selection of compatible products in the marketplace is relatively small and not what most of the people who will use Smartthings would buy. Hats off tot he community for bridging the gap but the trouble with that is its a painful learning curve to get anything working.

(Shaun Reinson) #24

No Quick Actions either - having to use IFTTT for that - come one Honeywell/ST sort this out…


Lol, you actually still expect this integration. I am sure Samsung will support it one day on a new Smartthings release. It just looks like a Samsung phone. Once its older then one year forget about updates.

Another over promised solution that is a waste of time and money.

(Olivier) #26

I have also completely given up on the EvoHome/ST integration.
On the other hand, EvoHome works very well on its own, and once the schedules have been set, I need very little interactions with it. So if it is about logging on their website (or via their app) to change mode each time I go on holiday (which sadly is not that frequent), I’m happy as is…

(David Jacobs) #27

Gotta agree. I had the S2, 3 & 4 before realising they only lasted a year. Switched to Googles own just got the Pixel 2, not the most attractive but solid performer.
ST integration is a real shame as it would make Evohome the product we all want.

(Chris Irwin) #28

I agree it is disappointing that Smarttthings have not delivered this BUT the smartapp and device handler developed by codesaurworks fine to integrate Evohome. I am a newbie (non-programmer) to Smartthings and managed to make it work after a few stumbles. You need to learn the process of how the IDE works but once this is understood then copying the code from GitHub into the new SmartApp template and then the new Device Handler template (choose the “from code” tab in each case) will provide a solution. It seems to work fine, There are other topics in the conmmunity that describe the process in more detail. Read the latest posts first.


I got all kind of errors with the homebrew smartthings implementation. And no support as it is homebrew.

Similar for implementation of a rgbw controller. Smartthings just imolemented half and homebrew not working.

I want to be able to control Evohome based on presence and open doors. I got it half working now using iftt. I just accepted that Smartthings might nit have been my best choice

(Chris Irwin) #30

Ah, I have just discovered what you mean. This sucks. I was impressed that I could see the temperatures in Smartthings app but I tried using the geofencing to change the set-point, and as you say, it stays in override. Useless. Scrap my earlier comment about it working fine. Smartthings need to sort this out and do it properly.

(Simon Featherstone) #31

Dear Smartthings - I’m really hoping that someone from staff monitors this thread. There has been consistent feedback that the behaviour of this Smart App in terms of any change to heating setpoints being permanent (rather than to next switchpoint) renders it largely useless for most of us.

Is there any chance of getting this fixed?

Yours hopefully,


(David Jacobs) #32

Are you referring to some kind of official handler? If you are referring to the unofficial one, seem the guy is not supporting any more.

(Simon Featherstone) #33


I’m referring to the official Evohome release, but it seems to be tough to get a response on this from samsung.

Best regards,


(David Jacobs) #34

Where do you get it from. Presumably its only for Beta testers?

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #35

It’s available in 2016 !

Or you can apply for the beta… but they’ll ignore your emails.


(Kev) #36

Also waiting for an official device handler!


Lol you still expect this.