v2 All Devices "stuck" on

So just completed the “migration” from my v1 hub to the v2 hub. Removed all the devices from v1, setup the v2 hub as new, joined my switches back to the v2 hub.

The problem I have now is that all the switches are showing as “On” and when I try to toggle them they go to “Turning Off” for a few seconds then back to “On”. This is not representative at all of what the switches state is. (even if I manually toggle them the status does not change in smart things).

Hub is in exactly the same spot as before, old hub is unplugged. Switches are a mix of GE Wall Dimmers, Schlage plug in outlet dimmers, and an Aeon Labs plug in switch. The only module seemingly updating in smart things is the smart things motion detector I have that does seem to be working properly.

Any ideas?

I had this with a few of my z-wave devices over the weekend. Another exclude/include generally resolved it.

I had this happen for some of my devices after migrating them. I used “replace” and that usually fixed the issue.

I’ll add to the dogpile and say you want to try another exclude/include or replace - sounds like they are only partially installed.

You should also do a z-wave network repair.

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Thanks, I will try the replace tonight.

I did try that one and it did not help yet. But I will do it again after replace.

Tried excluding / including as well as replacing. Neither really fixed the issue. Some modules are now reporting back status when they are toggled, but still are not controllable.