Perform Goodbye when SOMEONE leaves?

New here. Apologies upfront…

In the available SmartApps, I can perform an “I’m Back” when SOMEONE arrives". But the available SmartApps only lets me perform a 'Goodbye!" when “EVERYONE leaves” I want the “Goodbye!” SmartApps to perform a “Goodbye!” when “SOMEONE” leaves.

Specifically, I want SmartApps to lock all selected doors when any single individual with a tracked device leaves, NOT only when everyone leaves.

Can someone help me figure out how to make “Goodbye!” do this?


You can do this by only putting 1 person in it.

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But I have three devices (iPhones) belonging to three people in our family. I want SmartThings to lock the door no matter who leaves, then lock the door again if person two leaves, etc…

I don’t want it to only lock the door if ALL people have departed.

Yup, I added a link… It’s been covered already on the forum

Thanks, sidjohn1. Much appreciated!!
Would you be willing to tell me where I can find info. on how to create individual goodby routines for each person?

Don’t know where to look for this.


Thank you, sidjohn1. You’re the best!!

This doesn’t answer the question of how to do something when “Someone Leaves”. When I click settings of a Goodbye Routine, the only options under “Automatically perform Goodbye! when” are:

  • Someone arrives
  • Everyone leaves
  • (other unrelated options)

How do I set it to do something when someone (not everyone) leaves?

When you select “everyone leaves” the next step is to define “everyone” you can select 1 or multiple presence devices. If you had just gone to the next step you would have seen it. So yes it does answer your question if you follow the steps and i already stated that here:

After a recent update I’m no longer to even select “everyone leaves” - have called support 3 times, and was just told today that mobile presence is being eliminated due to ‘security issues’ - so not sure if this is true, or a bad rep just didn’t know what she was saying - anyway… the wife’s phone (invited member, I’m the owner) - is ‘grayed out’ when I select her on any automation for member presence. I’ve tried everything… it just stopped working about a month ago and can’t seem to get a straight answer… suggestions?

Luckily there are lots of different ways to do presence detection on SmartThings. I’m a big fan of the keyfob, they work very well once you have a solid zigbee mesh (at least 1 zigbee plugin/hardwired/repeating device in each room).
it’s only 1 of many options:

Can you confirm if what I was told by the smartthings support representative is true (or not) ? that “mobile presence is no longer supported”?? Also – I have z-wave devices throughout – no zigbee.

I too am interested in how to set this up. I have an iPhone for personal use and a Galaxy S9 for work. For the past year or two I have had terrible reliability on my iPhone tripping my goodbye routine when I leave. I’ve decided that if it’s not gonna work I’d rather tell my goodbye routine to trip when either of my phones leave to increase the likelihood it works as it’s supposed to. Is it true they are eliminating mobile phones as presence sensors or am I reading that wrong? It would make this whole topic moot

They are definitely making changes for the V3 app. See the following FAQ:

FAQ: Why can’t I use Geopresence or an Automation to set the alarm state in the new (V3) app? (Updated 1 November 2019–now you can!)

But the last I heard, that only applied to security features. So locks but not lights. I don’t know if they’re changing more than that.

As far as alternative means to presence, there’s an FAQ for that, but it applies only to the classic V2 app. It doesn’t let you get around the V3 app restrictions.

Ok, concerning the newest app, at least the Android version, I think I’ve figured it out. Go to automations, set the IF for the one person (member) leaving, also add IF for the time window you want this to happen, if it’s in a certain time frame, and then, under THEN, set your controls, make sure to double check as mine needed a second tap to make sure the lights were turned off after that one person left, (early morning work commute) and that should work with the geofencing, if geofencing works for you.
One way to try and tell if geofence actually works, what I did, is turn my front porch light to on when I arrived home by presence. So now, for me, my light comes on as I round the bend to home. I verified when the light went on by looking at the device, then history, and it comes on about 30 seconds before I turn in my driveway.
As a side note, make sure on your android that smart things can use your location -always-, not just while using the app, in location settings.