Everyone Leaves vs Everyone is Gone

My “Goodbye!” action is not triggering because it is set to everyone leaves. Is there some way to set to when everyone is gone instead? I’m using two iphones as presence sensors, and would like to have status set to Away when neither phones are home.

“Everyone Leaves” triggers when the last present sensor of those you selected leaves. It should work exactly as you described. Take another look at your configuration and email us at support@smartthings.com if you can’t get it to work.

I’m attaching a screenshot of my HH feed to demonstrate.

Had the same issue today. Been fine when we both leave at same time but didn’t activate today when we left 4 hours apart. iPhone and presence sensor. Can’t find any conflict with any other rules.

Email us at support@smartthings.com and we can help narrow down what happened.

+2 on saturday and today I had to manually do away because my phone didn’t trigger away. But it triggered I’m home no problem

+1 - happened to me for the first time in forever this morning…the dashboard did in fact report that nobody was home (it detected that my iPhone, my car AND my life360 personas had left), but the Goodbye! action didn’t run. After 15 minutes (allowing for a delayed response), I had to run the event myself remotely.