Zigbee devices offline today (Dec 2023)

For the first time ever, all of my zigbee devices have gone offline today. I’ve been trying various things like disconnecting power from the hub for 30 minutes, removing power/batteries from the devices, etc. Every once in a while something works, but for the most part, the devices are reporting as offline in the API browser.

Is anyone else having similar issues today?

I have not seen any reports today about all ZigBee devices being offline, but periodically I do see such reports.

What hub do you have?

How many drivers do you have installed and more importantly how many drives are you actually using?

What does the Advanced Web App Samsung account say about:

driverMemoryLimitStatus? and


Only zigbee devices? Z-wave and cloud to cloud are OK if you have any? What is the status of the zigbee radio in the Advanced Web App? Color of the led on the front of the hub?

I have a SmartThings Hub v2

According to the Web App, I have 16 drivers installed although based on the names of some of them, I don’t think several are used by me. The driverMemoryLimitStatus and driverCountLimitStatu are both “Ok”

Yep, only zigbee devices are having problems.

That all sounds good. 16 drives on V2 shouldn’t be a problem and the limits confirm that.

Any WiFi changes in your house or really close neighbors?

any network changes lately? or is the hub near other networking equipment?

channel being used by your 2.4 ghz wifi network?

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Nothing has changed that I’m aware of, but it is the holiday season where people are getting new devices. I wasn’t aware the WiFi network could have a potential impact…

ZigBee, Bluetooth, Thread and WiFi all use the 2.4gh frequency. And WiFi is the most powerful, so it can drown out ZigBee and other low powered protocols.

Well, after rebooting my router, many of the devices started working again. And after a little more time, I think everything is now working normally. I’m not sure of the root cause, but thanks for the advice.

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