All ZWave Devices Offline (June 2020)

All of my Zwave devices are offline as of last week. I’ve struggled with tech support but they aren’t helping, and I am waiting for a reply from tech level 2. My Zigbee devices are working fine. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hub Firmware: 000.030.00005
Tech Support asked me to try to Exclude a device, but that failed (timed out). I cannot add any new Zwave devices either.

I am sure there are people who can better help you with this matter on the site than me but I just wanted to told him it from my personal experience. I’m not sure what hub you have but I know that I have an ADT hub at 1 location and that hub seems to like disable the zwave radio way radio all on its own. A flaw in my opinion but support does not seem to care.

When it does that I have to go to the IDE website to the hub , device utilities and enable z wave radio. Annoying but does work for a while.

Maybe your hub has a zwave radio issue.

thx for the info. I’m running Hub v3. I tried disabling my Zwave radio and then enabled it again but that did not help. I find it very odd that ALL my Zwave devices are offline. It would make sense that there is a radio issue because I can’t exclude any device.

Is it really 100% of your Z-Wave devices? Not a single one is working? How are you excluding the device?

Well I am happy to report that it appears that my network is fixed. After an email back from tech support level 2, they found that there was an abnormal amount of network congestion. Basically, they said I probably had a rogue device, most likely a repeater, that was flooding the network with bad commands. They asked me to Exclude all devices and start again. BUT as i explained earlier, I wasn’t able to Exclude or Enrol anything. So I did what any tech support person would suggest. Reboot! I cut the main power to the entire house. Brought each circuit back online and voila! As of this writing, my network is back up 100%.
The only unknown is what caused the disruption in the first place. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again.