Everspring ST812 Flood Sensor

I don’t know if I am just missing something, but after 20 years in IT I would have thought this would be simpler for me to work out!
So I have added an Everspring ST812 to my SmartThings Hub V2 but it has appeared as just a “Z-Wave Sensor” which, although the inactive\active status seems to change when water is detected, seems to mean it doesn’t see it as a water sensor. It doesn’t appear on the “Right Now” tab of the Dashboard and doesn’t seem to be available as a “Water Sensor Wet” for the “Notify me when” SmartApp?
I found some sample code for a “Device Handler” for it, which I have added to my account, but what that does or how I now use that is not immediately apparent?
What am I doing wrong?

It obviously paired with your hub but could be using the wrong device handler? See the link below, doesn’t 100% apply to your situation but you have to understand how the web developer console works in order to manually change a device handler.

You should also search the forum to check whether others have used this device successfully as a generic water leak sensor, or if it requires a custom device handler to be installed before it will work as intended.