Looking for a good sensor for my sump pump

I was eeying the smarthing waterleak sensor, but i heard it won,t work Submerged

I need something that will ding me if it gets fully submerged


Dome makes one with a remote sensor

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Everspring ST812 – FLOOD DETECTOR has a remote probe and 3xAA batteries, with long life

on the other hand it’s so quiet , reports so rarely that I think it’s dead until I test it.

I liked it because the probe can be trimmed to be much slimmer than stock.

I got one from a company called Foxx. Came with a 1 metre lead with two prongs for detecting water. I attached a rain detecting mesh to it. Trouble was it was too sensitive! Integrated with ST just fine.

I have this one. The remote sensor is held up by the gasket that also holds the power cord. Has worked pretty well and I will admit it stopped working at one point but Dome was quick to warranty replace it.

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@7andy , What is this?

It’s a piece of double sided circuit board with interconnected strips either side, a little like the old Veroboard. Rain falls on it and bridges the strips. Found it on eBay, generally intended for Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Also triggered by dew and condensation…

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