Error with Edge Driver Links When you don’t have a hub


The previous issue where following a channel invitation link when you don’t have a hub caused the browser to hang appears to have been fixed. So that’s the good news. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, there appears to be a similar problem if you don’t have a hub and you follow the link to what is supposed to be a list of the channels you have subscribed to. :thinking:

Channel and Drivers Web UI

Channel and Drivers Web UI

Smartthings Services Listings

The included link is actually the channel page for the ST beta drivers channel, where you enrol your hubs in the channel. It is where you end up if you follow the invitation link for the channel and successfully login (though with a flag in the query string), and also the link that appears in the list of channels for the hub in the app.

Doesn’t change the fact that it ought to work.

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I’m confused, as this is the same URL of the beta channel invitation, what was solved?

I haven’t seen a separate URL to see in the browser the channels where we have enrolled our Hub…

Sorry about the confusion, the description is what another community member had posted, I just followed the link and then the browser hung up.

I got the problem previously when following any channel invitation, including for @taustin ‘s edge drivers. That’s the one that seemed to clear up. I hadn’t tried the beta channel before.

Ok, I have verified that I do not have the problem with other channel links, like the following from Mariano:

That gives me a channel information page. Then I can’t go further because I don’t have a hub, but that’s fine. Nothing hangs.

But with the link in the first post, it just hangs forever.