Error opening SmartThings on Lenovo Tab P12

There is an issue in opening latest version (and previous versions) of SmartThings app. Can anyone help me with this?

the following thread should help you fix it by downloading an older version of the app from an APK site:

I tried this version and older versions - still keeps crushing

you downloaded from APKPure as mentioned in the other thread?

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Yep that works even with the latest version, thanks!

But there i still issue - I can’t use smart view mirror screen. No option at all (however on my galaxy phone there is such option)

can you advice how to smart view mirror screen on my Lenovo?

and here is from my phone

Sorry… I do not have an answer on that :man_shrugging:

Hopefully someone else on the forum might know something.

If not, reach out to ST support.

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