Smartthing support in Europe / Finland?


Does anyone know is there any support for Smartthings App available in Europe or in Finland?
Some time ago I got new tablet, Lenovo Tab P12 but Smartthings android app is not running on that tablet. App closed without any warnings or error codes, only message what I receive is “Smartthings stopped” (Please see attached picture)

I tried to contact Samsung app support in Finnish but without success. I got message:

"We would have needed a more detailed description from you to be able to provide the best possible help.

Please get back to us with more details about the problem you are experiencing and we will of course help you."

I don’t know what else information is needed? App does not even start before it is forced to close. Smartthings support seems to be very limited here.
Before making contact to Finnish support I accidentally got support from Samsung Smartthings US but when they realized that I’m from Europe / Finland they refused to support me because “they limited access to the other region accounts”… Funny because issue is not in Smartthings accoun, issue is in Smartthings Android App :slight_smile:

Does anyone know where I might have support for Smartthings App? Or does anyone else noticed same issue with Lenovo Tab P12 and managed to get app working in tablet?

You can try to see if SmartThings UK responds

Once I asked support from ST UK and got an answer mail.
However, the problem was solved in another way.

Thanks @TapioX, I will ask help from there.