Installing Smartthings on Lenovo Tab M10 plus 3rd

i try to execute the Smartthings app on my tablet Lenovo, but even with the last version and old, he did’nt work, have you any return about this ?


can you provide more details: what does didn’t work mean? could you login? any error messages? OS version of the tablet? version of the ST app? where did you download the app from?

I download the app from the google play, when i launch the app, nothing append, or sometimes just a flag with “Smartthings stop working”, i can’t login because nothing work, only installing app. android is 13 version app is :

thanks, i try, but i cant download because he say me that this application is not compatible

Try from here

I have a same issue but with Lenovo Tab P12. I think problem is not installing of application, it’s something else.
I tried also download app from Apkmirror but it is not working, same issue like with app which is from Google PlayStore…

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I have the same problem with a tablet Lenovo M10 plus 3rd gen.!!!

I had the same problem with my Lenovo Tab P11, 2nd Gen, running Android 13. It won’t run the current SmartThings App.

I downloaded the version at ApkPure and it works on my Lenovo P11.

Good find, I downloaded Samsung Connect and it works with Lenovo Tab P12 as well. But when updated to newer Smartthings app, it doesn’t work anymore. Something is changed inside newer Smartthings app, but what…?

Is it really so that in this forum, there are no one from Samsung side who is interested to give any feedback or support about this issue?

There is no Samsung Connect, this version is for SmartThings