Can I use SmartView (Mirror screen) functionaliny on non Samsung device?

Recently I got Lenovo Tab P12 and installed Samsung Connect from apkpure (because somehow SmartThings crashed after launch)

But when I connected to my Samsung TV there is no option to Mirror screen (Smart View). Can you please if its possible to use screen mirroring via SmartView on my tab or its only Samsung devices functionality?

The point is I can’t cast Netflix app when mirroring from lenovo (dark screen with sound only when playing movie) but somehow I can from Samsung’s phone Smart View screen mirror

It only works from a Samsung phone to a Samsung TV, and only some TV models. And only some regions.

Supported Samsung Smart TV models*:
• 2011: LED D7000 and above, PDP D8000 and above. • 2012: LED ES7500 and above, PDP E8000 and above. • 2013: LED F4500 and above (except F9000 and above), PDP F5500 and above. • 2014: H4500, H5500 and above (except H6003/H6103/H6153/H6201/H6203). • 2015: J4500, J5500 and above (except J6203). • 2016: K4300, K5300 and above. • 2017: ULS003U

  • Supported TV models may vary by region. * Art mode navigation is not supported for tablet models.

Yea my TV is supported, tried from my Galaxy phone. Would be great to have it also supported from Tab

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This sounds like the name of one of Samsung’s super old apps that they deprecated when they combined them all into SmartThings.


The SmartThings app from Google Play doesn’t work on Lenovo tablets for some reason. Mine is a Tab P11 running Android 13. When you down the the SmartThings apk from ApkPure you get Samsung Connect which works on Lenovo tablets. It is exactly the same as the SmartThings app on my Pixel phone.

When you look under the bonnet of the Android version of the SmartThings app Android it still identifies as the Samsung One Connect app (sort of).

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It works fine on a Lenovo M10 tablet, so I think the problem is a little more specific than that.

There is another thread on the Lenovo tablet problem.


So there is no workaround?

You could probably use Chromecast, but there’s no workaround from within the Samsung universe that I know of.