Can't update new smartthings app on android 9

I wanted to update the smartThings app on my android phone(that has android 9) but I get the message: “This app isn’t compatible with your device anymore. Contact the developers for more info” in the app.
It’s weird because my old phone with android 7 can still install the app:

(screenshot of website)

Specifically which phone, and what screen resolution are you running? (rule one of home automation - model numbers matter)

phone: UMIDIGI Power
screen resolution: 1080 x 2340 px

no one has the same problem?

Most times I’ve personally seen this it had to do with one of the following:

Screen resolution: this was an issue back when the Galaxy S8/9? (can’t remember which) was new and had a significantly higher resolution than most other phones and the default resolution was blocked from installing. The workaround was to switch to a different (lower) resolution, install then revert the setting. It was eventually fixed but… I was thinking it could be something like that but your resolution is similar to many other phones so it’s doubtful that’s the case but hey, may be worth a shot to rule it out.

I’ve also seen issues with the default web browser on the phone… But that usually exhibits itself at login not install.

At this point I’d call SmartThings support (call, not email…) because it’s not a very prevalent issue and probably caused by something minor and esoteric - so you’re going to need thier help.

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