Error in log cat for CLI

hello I tryins to get the log for the driver from my hub, but from today I get this error:

the ip addres is correct and i’m able to get the lest of devices using the token

how I can solve this?


Hi, @v.porsio

Have you verified your network is stable? It has happened to me before that when I’m connected to spotty networks, I have issues connecting.
You can double-check if the Hub is reachable through that port using this command in the Windows console:

telnet 9495

Also, which version of the CLI are you using? You can verify with the command below

smartthings.exe version

Hello, thanks for you help…

well the Hub is reachable with ping but not via telnet:

seems that this port is closed on the hub

if I query the devices i get them:

@smartthings/cli/1.2.0 win32-x64 node-v18.5.0


Thanks, @v.porsio
I sent you a DM to get some info, please check your messages.
Just as a reference, it should be in this section: