Error creating device profile

Hi, currently i’m trying to integrate our IoT products using ESP32 MCU with the SmartThings platform, but i keep getting this error while creating a device profile in the developer workspace.


Does anyone know what caused it and how to fix it?


Hi, there!
I couldn’t replicate this error, can you share the device profile configuration, please? I mean, which capabilities you included and if you made a modification in the UI display config.

Hi @nayelyz , thank you for your response.
It is just a simple outlet device with switch capability and without any UI modification.
Previously I had created a sample project and made it to the testing stage without experiencing this problem.
How many projects can i have for one account? Do I have to delete the old project first before I can start a new one?

I think I’ve found the problem, it was the name of the device profile.

@nayelyz you can reproduce this error by creating a new project and naming the device profile with the same name you used in other projects, even if those projects are deleted.
Do you know why this can happen?

The device profile name must be unique, this is because every profile you create is associated with your account, not with the project.
The same device profile can be used in different integrations (direct-connected, ST Schema, SmartApp Connector), if you change its configuration, it will affect all the projects.

Ok, so that is intentional. Thank you for clearing that up :relaxed:

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Happy to help. Have a nice day, @fikri! :smiley: