Error 403 disallowed useragent when installing GCal Search app

I am trying to install the GCal Search App on SmartThings, it prompts me to “Click to enter credentials” to sign into google and authorize access for GCal Search.

When I click, Google gives me this error:

Error 403: disallowed_useragent
Google can’t sgn you in safely inside this app. You can use Google sign-in by viditing this app’s website in a browser like safari or chrome.

This seems like a popular problem but nobody has posted a step by step solution. I have no experience in coding, but I have gotten this far on the last step to installing this dang thing.

Any help?? Much appreciated

I got the same error and just try to get any clue to make it works! Do you found anything that help you on that one?

Did you read this thread?

Possibly your having the same issue that’s a few post up from the bottom. Relating to the new app not being compatible with the old Gcal app??

for my part yes, I read that post but found nothing to solve the problem! I have the new app but cannot find any Gcal update to work with the new app. I know google api now only allow for oauth 2.0 but the Gcal-search seem to be oauth 2.0… the message let think that it is google that block the oauth… I just try to find a way to update the code to do it properly! I use other web app that log into google api that work with secret key and id and it works well! I just dont know how they code it because its on the web (alexa skills that use web interface. you log in and you can monitor web site for a matching word or something. I use it to monitor a cell in google sheet and it works well. It use the same key…

So it must have a way! Do you have any ideas?

So you read this?

It was definitely the new app. I found that I still had the old version installed on my iPad. I didn’t think that I’d be able to use it as it had previously only given me options to speak to support to upgrade to the new app. However, it did allow me to authenticate and its now all working successfully

This person got it to work by using the “old app” you just said your using the “new app”

Possibly your in the same boat? I don’t know, just shotgunning here trying to help!

MAybe, but what is that old app we talking about? I think its the old ST app that I never had and cannot install because it s replaced by the new one! Sorry if I seem confused but I m not sure to understand everything around that!
I m also looking for updating the code to oauth 2.0 but no ideas! I try to build the url with all the key, id…etc… and when pasted in the browser, it ask for authorization but at the end, smartthings page open with error 500 oauth/callbak. Pretty confusing! Is it google that block some apps to access data or is it smartthings that need somethings… Its hard to say for me!

It must have another app that need oauth that we could copy some code from…

It is the old Smartthings app. Some people are still able to use it to get old smart apps installed so they can use them in the new app.

I’m not sure if it’s still available to do a few basic things or not. I had reinstalled it not too long ago (after migrating to new app) it allowed me to install it and connect to an old hub to get done what I needed.

That was last December. So I don’t know now.

I was just pointing out what others used and tried.

I’m sorry but I won’t be able to help you with the other questions you have.

I first installed the old app and was unable to do anything with it, so I saw that it was replaced with the new one!
Thanks for your help! I think I need to find out how to update the code inside the GCAL app to work …not an easy task!