SmartApp w/ Google Account login?


I’m trying to build a SmartApp that would look at my calendar at 6am every day, and if I have the day off change the hub mode from home to holiday. I’ve tried all kinds of approach to be able to log in from a SmartApp into a google account, but I’m always getting 403 disallowed user agent.

At the moment the best bet I have is have a webapp doing the authN with google and talk to SmartThings RestAPI to modify the hub mode.

Since you can connect SmartThings to Google Assistant there must be a way to make this happen, does anybody know a way? I tried with OAuth credentials I created on the google developer console, but I hit this roadblock.

Any help is much appreciated

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You should be able to do this right now using the IFTTT Google calendar service. I just don’t know if that’s one of the things that is being turned off on August 31.

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I know and a virtual switch and webcore :slight_smile: I wanted something more elegant

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