Enerwave Dimmer ZW500D

Hello Smartthings Community,

I’m very new and began setting up my home automation this week. So far everything is working well but I have one question hopefully someone can answer: How do you connect the Enerwave ZW500D Dimmer to the Hub? My dashboard didn’t locate the switch during the scanning process and it doesn’t appear with the pre-listed switches under the “Switches & Dimmers” smart setup. The Enerwave directions that came with the switch didn’t mention any connection procedure either. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


After reading a related post on attaching Dimmers And Switches I tried the same method of pairing via turning the switch on and off while searching for new devices. The device was subsequently found and properly installed.


I was able to get one of my Enerwave dimmer switches to program by dumb luck I think. Which button are you turning on and off? Is it the bottom toggle switch, or is it the dimmer switch itself? Can anyone help here? Thanks so much.