Connecting a GE Dimmer switch to the hub

So I install the inwall GE dimmer switch in my upstairs, the Smartthings hub is in the basement, needs to be 10 feet from the switch to pair it. how do I do that?

Did you already tried pairing it? If you have other Z-wave switches they should increase your mesh network and you shouldn’t have a problem. Also, try it. Sometimes the range can be quite long.

Thanks for the reply, I haven’t installed any other switches yet. I mounted the hub in a mechanical room in the basement with it plugged in for power as well as Ethernet. Can I unplug my hub and bring it within the 10 foot range to pair the switches? or does it need to be plugged into both those sources for it to work?

Try pairing it the way it is. Most likely if it’s too far to pair with the switch, it will be too far to reliably operate the dimmer switch anyway. 10 ft is a recommendation, but my first switch was one floor down and closer to 30ft away. Trying to span two floors to the first and only item in your network might not work well.

The hub will need to stay plugged in for the pair process.

Thank you, I will install a switch in between these and see how it goes

If you have the V2 hub you only need an ethernet port close to the switch or a long ethernet cable. The hub running on batteries should make it. But I strongly advise you to add some other Z-wave product that requires power, be it a Z-wave light switch/dimmer, plug-in module or something else, so that you have a strong Z-wave network and things will work without hiccups.